– Cleanse – Clarify –

This card calls for you to release burdens and cleanse yourself of toxins. The bathroom is a private place that allows you to wash up and get prepped. It could be time to cleanse your habits. Perhaps you’re transferring all of your junk onto others or they are unburdening them on you. Pay attention to feelings you might be harboring inside. It is time to release them. But take care not to unload them onto someone else.

This card also represents clarification. When you rid yourself of unwanted attitudes and feelings you become more grounded. Your focus becomes sharper and your mind clears out clutter. You need to spend time tending to your mental, emotional and physical cleansing process. You are in need of self-care.

Additional meanings:

Archangels Raphael, Haniel and Uriel are associated with this symbol.

-You need to soothe and calm your spirit.

-It is time to care for your body on a physical level.

-You need time alone.

-Allow yourself to release toxic energy, relationships or situations.

From the Angel Dream Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Melissa Virtue