– Imagination – Allow Your Mind to Wander – Quiet Time –

This card comes to you now asking you to shape, sculpt and redefine your life. You can do this through wakeful dreaming, also known as daydreaming. Take a moment to sit quietly and allow your focus to soften. Let the images, sounds, feelings and smells flow to you. Write these down in your journal, as they are messages from your angels.

This card is also letting you know that it’s time to take a day off or just a few moments of respite. Allow your mind to wander and your imagination to flow so the angels can easily bring in images and thoughts related to your growth and life purpose.

Additional meanings:

-Divulge your deepest dreams, hopes and wishes to a trusted friend.

-The messages you are receiving are to be shared for the benefit of the greater good.

-Collectively dream with others for support, healing and inspiration.

From the Angel Dream Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Melissa Virtue