– Environment – Playtime – Enchantment –

These ancient, magical beings of the elemental realm are sending you messages of Earth awareness. Remember your sacred relationship with Mother Nature. Support her and her creatures by taking care of her inhabitants and the environment. Be joyful and play nice upon the earth. That joy will teacher others how to treat our planet.

The fairies are teaching you how to use enchantment to change hearts and minds while maintaining the utmost integrity. Pay attention to your intentions when helping others. Be careful to stay true to using your gifts for the highest good of all.

Additional meanings:

-Someone is trying to trick you or manipulate a situation in which you’re involved.

-You need to get outside and connect with nature.

-Learn and employ the magical arts. They are tools for growth and connecting to the wondrous beings and workings of the universe.

-The fairies are encouraging you to become more playful by releasing the seriousness bogging you down.

From the Angel Dream Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Melissa Virtue