– Nourishment – Relationships – Health –

Fuel your body, mind and emotions with healthy sustenance and situations. This card invites you to take a look at the state of your surroundings and relationships. Who is feeding you? Are you being fed honesty? Perhaps you are not able to “digest” the habits you feed yourself. Take time to look at your career to see if it is fulfilling you. Evaluate your workplace and home. Unhealthy people and environments can cause your body to respond physically. It is time to nourish yourself with beneficial choices. Food also indicates a need to reevaluate your overall health. Think about how you can better nourish yourself through your eating habits and lifestyle.

Additional meanings:

-Archangels Raphael and Raguel are associated with this symbol.

-Evaluate your diet. Choose foods that are purple, orange, red and green – all colors of the spectrum and that contain omega-3 nutrients.

-Your relationships are in need of nurturing.

-Check in on your physical, mental or emotional health.

From the Angel Dream Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Melissa Virtue