– Compassion – Love – Cultivation –

When this card appears to you, it’s time to ask yourself what needs healing in your life. Keep your heart open and be compassionate toward yourself and others. Allow love to weave a beautiful tapestry within your heart expanding your senses. Then you will start to see it all around you in every person and life form. You’ll begin to respond and communicate lovingly. You’ll feel lighter, happier and free of burdens. Green asks you to open to self love now and cultivate a relationship with yourself. This color is associated with the heart chakra, which in turn represents healing, growth, love and nurturing.

Green also represents communicating from the heart. Trust yourself and others. Keep faith that your heart will not lead you astray. Love is a compass. If you’re unbalanced in your heart chakra compassion is what you need to be employing, not empathy or sympathy, as these drain energy. If you offer others help out of obligation, shame, guilt or fear you’ll burn out. You need to allow yourself to receive. Foster a safe and supportive environment by releasing judgment. See the world with the eyes of your heart. When you do, you’ll feel vitality returning to you.

Additional meanings:

-Archangels Raphael, Chamuel, Metatron, Zadkiel and Jophiel are associated with this symbol.

-You need to nurture and cultivate a relationship or spiritual practice.

-A condition or situation is being healed.

-Open your heart as much as you can.

-Make love with life. Abandon personal control and defensiveness by assuming the role of a beloved partner who takes action and responds to life with compassion.

From the Angel Dream Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Melissa Virtue