Lady’s Mantle

– Mother – Healing – Alchemy –

This card is calling you to take time to heal your wounds whether physical, mental or emotional, from the inside out. When your wounds aren’t healed, you lose life-force energy. This means you might feel drained or tired all of the time.

Lady’s Mantle, a sacred herb, symbolizes the mother in all aspects, as well as healing. You’re being invited to connect to your own mother, yourself as a mother or Mother Earth. Lady’s Mantle is also associated with alchemy as it was once believed that the leaves imparted wisdom to whoever came in contact with them. This card is urging you to spread your knowledge to others as well. Share your stories of inspiration.

Additional meanings:

-You are being offered a sacred space and protection from nightmares.

-Connect with the goddess Brighid for healing and feminine wisdom.

-You are receiving support with childbearing, fertility or pregnancy.

-Call upon this sacred herb to aid you in developing a deep inner peace and whole-body healing.

-There is a need for you to work on forgiveness as it relates to your mother.

-Studying alchemy would be beneficial to you.

From the Angel Dream Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Melissa Virtue