– Rites of Passage –

This card has come to see you because you, or someone you know, are crossing a threshold and a prominent episode in your life is coming to a close. You need to acknowledge your accomplishments. It’s time to recognize this milestone. Celebrate it with a rite of passage or perhaps you need to acknowledge a transition or lead a ritual for someone else to mark a major turning point in life.

Mugwort (an aromatic herb once thought to bestow magical protection) is calling you to perform a personal vision quest, which can mean connecting to your dreams or waking visions. There are images and message you need to receive through the quest.

Additional meanings:

-Stimulate your creative brain.

-Recharge your life-force energy.

-Your home or aura needs a detox from negative energies.

From the Angel Dream Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Melissa Virtue