New/Waxing Moon

– Conception – Inner Self – Expansion –

This card asks you to expand and stimulate your nightly visions through active dream work, which might consist of affirmations, setting dream intentions, journaling, dream meditations and learning dream recall techniques. The new moon symbolizes the deepest movements of your inner self. Intentions planted during this phase have much power behind them.

You may or may not be aware of the intentions you set forth, so pay close attention to the messages your dreams are sharing with you during this lunar cycle. Goals will begin to manifest with the waxing moon, and your dreams will reveal what stage they are in. As the moon grows, so do your goals come closer to being realized. Be sure to put action behind them.

Additional meanings:

-Archangel Haniel is associated with this symbol, as is the Egyptian deity Thoth.

-A deep meditation or rest is called for.

-Allow your thoughts and ideas to germinate.

-The timing is right for attracting and manifesting that which you desire.

-Expand your comfort zone by trying a new look, redecorating a room in your home, discovering a new facet of your spiritual beliefs or experimenting with a different exercise routine.

From the Angel Dream Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Melissa Virtue