– Third Eye – Clairvoyance –

You are being sent loving messages via clear visions in your mind’s eye, your dreams, or recurring patterns you see with your physical eyes. Notice the images in your dreams. Do not be afraid to see them. They are from God, the angels, and your dream guide. Purple symbolizes the third eye, or sixth chakra. Your clairvoyance (clear seeing) is open.

Purple can also indicate that your sixth chakra is unbalanced, which manifests in the form of a need to escape from reality. Another symptom of imbalance is a feeling of superiority. In this case, this card is asking you to acknowledge that all people have innate powers of clairvoyance.

Additional meanings:

-Archangels Michael, Haniel, Metatron, Jeremiel and Raziel are associated with this symbol.

-Give yourself or someone else the “royal treatment.” Allow yourself to enjoy activities that bring about feelings of luxury.

-It is time to clear your third eye with energy work, crystals or affirmations.

From the Angel Dream Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Melissa Virtue