– Taking Action – Fruition – Intellect –

This card is calling you to take action. Use your intellect to determine the actions that need to be applied. You will encounter the variations of light and darkness, the familiar and unexpected. Don’t be afraid. This experience will open you to new personal growth.

Summer is also symbolic of the stage at which your goals or desires bear fruit. Expect that your projects, relationships, and aspirations are coming to fruition now.

Additional meanings:

-Archangels Uriel and Ariel are associated with this symbol.

-This is a high-energetic time for you, therefore you need to stay grounded. Spending time outdoors will help you do so.

-Your mind is quite active. Your claircognizance is powerful; hone this ability.

-Focus on your maiden/warrior aspect by wielding power and channeling self-confidence into a positive force.

-Socializing opens you up to growth. Get out there and meet new people.

From the Angel Dream Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Melissa Virtue