– Innocence – Trust – Honesty –

This card is reminding you to be honest with yourself and others. Check in to see if your intentions are pure and your decisions are for the highest good of all concerned. The unicorn is a magical creature who emanates innocence, trust and integrity – the combined energy of both the elemental and the spiritual worlds. The unicorn’s horn is known to be a pure essence, with the ability to help you heal.

This card reminds you to trust the flow of your journey right now. Keep a balance between bucking convention and yielding to it freely.

Additional meanings:

-Honor and respect others, yourself and the earth.

-You can neutralize the poison of gossip through honesty.

-You have the ability to help others heal themselves.

-Try to see the innocence in the people around you.

From the Angel Dream Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Melissa Virtue